Learning is the natural outcome of a stimulating and empowering environment. Doaba College, Jalandhar aims to provide a holistic experience to students in the classroom and beyond. Its lush green campus (spread over 21 acres) creates a perfect ambience that facilitates the learning process. The serene surroundings have a soothing effect on the students. The dissemination of knowledge and the inculcation of humanist values go hand in hand. We offer a blend of the best infrastructure and teaching practices. The classrooms are airy and spacious. There are state-of-the-art laboratories in Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Bio-Technology, Food Production, Accounting & Simulation and English Language.We have Commerce& Business Management block, Media & IT block, Yash Chopra Media & TV Studio, Community Radio and Postgraduate block. The College has qualified, experienced and enthusiasticteachers who aim to be mentors for their students.We believe in helping students discover their potential and learn life skills.

The goals of academic excellence can be achieved easily if the health of the students gets as much focus as studies. The college has a swimming pool, an indoor sports training facility, a world-class gymnasium and playgrounds for all major games. In their leisure time, the students have access to a spacious library, an affordable canteen, and beautiful parks. The campus has a dispensary, a common room for girls, student information centre, rose garden, water coolers with water purifiers, generators, hostel facility for boys and girls, Virendra auditorium, an open-air theatre, a high-tech conference hall, a seminar hall, and an administrative block. The Student Council gives an excellent chance to the students to learn a sense of responsibility and participate in the functioning of the college.

One of the aims of Doaba College is to make our students learn the best in their fields. For this we train them to be techno-savvy and proficient in communication skills. (this point needs to be developed). College life offers students new independence which needs to be channelized in the right direction. We guide them to manage their time wisely by creating a balance between academic pursuits and extra-curricular activities. College time is the transition phase before students begin to function as responsible members of society. This process is facilitated by the exposure students get by joining the NCC and the NSS. The values of discipline and hard work imbibed by the students at this stage become their life long assets.

We strongly believe that real education not only equips the students with skills for a career but creates a complete transformation. It endows them with the strength of character and sets them on the path of self-improvement. Youth is the time when the seeds of spirituality need to be sown. We have a Yoga and Meditation Centre that teaches the students the benefits of pranayama and positive thinking.They realize the value of physical and mental health. Our day begins with the chanting of GayatriMantra and DoabaGaan. This fills the students’ minds with the right vibrations and makes them conducive to absorb knowledge.

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