•   Educate all with emphasis on making education accessible to the underprevileged.
  •  Teach, guide and motivate the mediocre and meritorious students by providing quality education.
  •  Inculcate the spirit of co-operation and healthy competition amongst the students.
  •  Channelise the energy of students toward creativity, team spirit and service with dedication, devotion and discipline.
  •  Ensure physical, mental and moral growth of the students.
  •  Assist in character building by propagating human and ethical values in the students.
  •  Synthesize the traditional and mordern education for all round development of the students.
  •  Facilitate the encouragement and spread of women education.
  •  To promote the study of classical sanskrit, hindi and vedic literature.

The Principles of Arya Samaj

  •     God is the primary source of all true knowledge and of all that is known as by means.
  •     God is existent, consious, all-beatitude, formless almighty, just, merciful, un-begotten, infinite, unchangeable, beginingles, incomparable, the support of all, the lord of all, all-prevading, omniscient and controller of all from within, ever mature, imperishable, fearless eternal and creator of the universe. to him alone worship is due.
  •     The Vedas are the scriptures of the true-knowledge. It is the paramount duty of all Aryas to read them, to teach them (to others) and to hear them read, to recite them (to others)
  •     All persons should be ever ready to accept truth and true to renounce untruth.
  •     The prime object of Arya Samaj is to do good to the world i.e. ameliorate physical, spirtual, and social conditions of all man.
  •     All ought to be treated with love, justice righteousness and due regard to their merits.
  •     Ignorance ought to be dispelled and knowledge disseminated.
  •     No one should remain contented with his own well-being but on the contrary he should regard his well being in the well being of other.
  •     In matter affecting the well- being of the society (all other) the individual should subordinate is personal likings in matter affecting him alone, he is to enjoy the freedom of action.
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