Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

  • We have Faculty-in charges for various facilities in the college campus like Campus wide wifi network, Library, Swimming Pool, Indoor Gymnasium, various laboratories etc and Heads of Departments (HoD). The faculty in-charge/HoDs ensure the timely maintenance and proper utilization of college facilities and departmental infrastructure. Students are encouraged to contact Faculty-in charges and Heads for utilizing various facilities available in the college.
  • There are various committees in the college which are dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure. These include campus beautification committee, library upkeep committee, laboratory upkeep committees etc.
  • Civil work and maintenance

For civil work and maintenance, request is given by the concerned department head or faculty incharge to Principal Office which instructs the Estate office to carry out the required maintenance work.

  • The equipments like generators, water motors, pumps, water purifiers and water coolers are taken care of by AMC by authorized vendors
  • Fire extinguishers have been installed at identified locations and managed by concerned vendor in coordination with the college Estate Officer.
  • Process of Purchase and Maintenance of facilities:

The college ensures the availability of latest equipments, their maintenance and up-to-date infrastructure in the institution. There is a systematic procedure for the purchase as well as maintenance of these infrastructural facilities including all sorts of equipments. Following are the steps followed for purchase of items:

  1. Submission of proposal to Principal Office for necessary approval.
  2. Quotations are invited from the renowned/authorized vendors.
  3. Comparative statement is prepared, duly signed by designated Purchase Committee and presented to the office.
  4. After approval from management/Principal, Purchase order is issued to the concerned vendor.
  5. On receiving the item, it is entered in the stock register.

All the major items like UPS, Air Conditioning Systems, and scientific equipments are covered under Annual Maintenance Contract. Therefore necessary maintenance is provided by the concerned vendor. For other equipments the above mentioned process of approval is followed.

  • College Library: We have Central Library along with departmental libraries. Central library has requisite staff, which regularly monitors the condition of the library stock, maintains rare books, collects, issues and maintains books. Library cards are issued to the students. The library upkeep committee monitors all the purchases.

 Each section of the library is manned by appropriate staff for smooth functioning of the library.

  • Sports Infrastructure: The College has a vast sports infrastructure consisting of State of the art multipurpose Gymnasium Hall which includes Four standard Badminton Courts and Exercise Station. The college has Swimming Pool, and three outdoor sports grounds. Sports department is very active and encourages students to participate in various sports activities.

Computers, Softwares & UPS:

The computers and other IT infrastructure like UPS, LCD projectors, printers etc. are procured and managed by the PG Department of Computer Sc. & IT of the college.  Costly equipments like UPS are covered by Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) by the concerned vendor. Other equipments are repaired in-house by the technical staff.

Campus wide Wifi Network:

The college has a Campus wide wifi network. It is being managed by the PG Department of Computer Sc. & IT of the college. Routine maintenance, configuration and expansion are carried out by the PG Department of Computer Sc. & IT of the college.

  • Utilization of Campus Wide LAN and wifi network:

Cyber security is of utmost importance. For ensuring safe usage of campus wide Internet facility there is a separate section. Every user is duly authorized and authenticated for ensuring responsible use of internet facility by students and staff members. Network Administrator devises proper usage policies which are implemented by Nebero Firewall for User Management and Bandwidth utilization.

  • College website management

The college website has been developed and is being managed by PG Dept. of Computer Sc. & IT of the college.

  • The information updation and upload in respective department webpages is being done by faculty incharge of the respective department.

Maintenance and utilization of the Infrastructure Facilities:

The maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure facilities are carried out with the support of the heads of the particular infrastructure department. The following is the organizational chart of the departments.

Laboratory Equipment:

The equipment and machinery in the laboratory/workshop are maintained by the lab In-charge(s)/workshop In-Charge(s) with the advice of HOD.

Vehicles: Transport

The transport facility of the college is managed by Faculty incharge-Transport. Students and staff members use these facilities with due approval from Faculty Incharge-Transport.


The Security of the college is headed by the Faculty Incharge-Discipline. He is supported by the Security officer. Security officer assigns the duty to the security guards to control and monitor the college premises.

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