Research Projects

Normally the university does not permit any research centre for the colleges. However, we have UGC Minor and Major research projects being taken up by the members of different faculties in the college.

In 2015 three faculty members

  • Mr. Pardeep Bhandari, Assistant Prof. & Head, PG Dept. of Computer Sc. & I.T.
  • Ms. Priya Chopra, Assistant Prof., PG Dept. of Journalisms and Mass Communication
  • Mr. Gulshan Sharma, Assistant Prof. , PG Dept. of Mathematics have been awarded UGC Minor Research Projects in their respective fields.

The college has established Swami Dayanand Studies Centre, under the UGC scheme of “Epoch Making Social Thinkers of India”, under the UGC XII plan programme. A proposal regarding Women Studies Centre has been sent to the UGC. Some of the members of faculty are also pursuing Ph.D at their own level on the recommendation of Research and Development Cell.

The Ex. Principal of the college, Dr. Naresh Kumar Dhiman is an avid Indic Language Software Developer. He has pioneered the research of specialized fonts in Devanagri Script. The following is his detailed innovative research :

Development of Multilingual Unicode based OT Font and Indic Language Software

Dr. Naresh Kumar Dhiman, Ex. Principal of the college is basically a Sanskrit Scholar. He himself has developed an Indic Language Software Developer. He is the only person in the region working with Unicode Based Open Type Font Technology. He started his journey eight years ago in the field of IT, by attaching some mapping files of Devanagari (Hindi) legacy ASCII based fonts to a third party software to compose Vedic Mantras text with diacritical marks successfully. He has understood the internal structure of Non-Unicode Based True type and Post Script fonts comparing with Unicode Based Open Type fonts for developing this system.

In this self-study, he observed that legacy fonts are good for publishing (books, newspapers etc.) only and not for Web pages or Internet.Creation of Unicode based Indic fonts, especially for Devanagari script which is used to write many Indic languages namely Hindi, Sanskrit, Vedic Sanskrit, Marathi, Kashmiri etc., it is not an easy task, but Dr. Dhiman accepted this challenge and he successfully developed his own Unicode based multilingual OT font named BHARATI with Advance Typographic Tables viz. Glyph Substitution (GSUB) tables, Glyph Positioning (GPOS) tables etc. using Font Lab Studio and Visual Open Type Layout Tool (VOLT). At present, this newly developed OT font facilitates the users to compose text in Roman, Devanagari and Gurmukhi scripts effectively. He has also developed a number of keyboard drivers with the help of Keyboard Layout Creator of Microsoft to handle non-Unicode and Unicode based Devanagari (Hindi) and Gurmukhi (Punjabi) fonts which facilitate the users to compose text in phonetic method or inscript method.

A few months ago, Dr. Dhiman started his work on a Mega Project named BAHUMUKHI UNICODE CONVERTOR. In this software, the following three modules were included:

1.Font Convertor: This module will facilitate the users to convert

  • Non-Unicode text matter to Unicode text matter
  • Unicode text matter to Non-Unicode text matter
  • Non- Unicode text matter to Non-Unicode text matter
  • (One Legacy Font Mapping) to (Another Legacy Font Mapping)
in the following 21 Indic languages or in the 9 scripts derived from ancient Brahmi script: संस्कृत_देवनागरी (Saṁskṛt_Dēvanāgarī), हिन्दी_देवनागरी (Hindī_Dēvanāgarī), पंजाबी_ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ (Punjābī_Gurmukhī), बंगाली_বাংলা (Bengālī_Bānglā), गुजराती_ગુજરાતી (Gujrātī), तमिळ_தமிழ் (Tamiḷa), तेलुगु_తేలుగు (Tēlugu), कन्नड_ ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannaḍa), मलयालम_ മലയാള൦ (Malayālam), ओड़िया_ ଓଡ଼ିଆ (Ōḍiyā), मराठी_देवनागरी (Marāṭhī_Dēvanāgarī) नेपाली_देवनागरी )Nēpālī_Dēvanāgarī), बर’_देवनागरी (Boḍo_Dēvanāgarī), डोगरी_देवनागरी )Ḍogarī_Dēvanāgarī), कश्मीरी_देवनागरी (Kaśmīrī_Dēvanāgarī), कोंकणी_देवनागरी (Kōnkaṇī_Dēvanāgarī), मैथिली_देवनागरी (Maithilī_Dēvanāgarī), संताली_देवनागरी (Santālī_Dēvanāgarī), सिन्धी_देवनागरी (Sindhī_Dēvanāgarī), असमीय़ा_অসমীয়া (Assamese_Bānglā), मणिपुरी_মনীপুরী (Maṇipurī_Bānglā)

As the scope of this project is large, so it needs rigorous efforts and time for its successful completion. To make this software available for public use at the earliest, Dr. Dhiman has planned to involve faculties and students of PG Department of Computer Science & Information Technology of the College who are interested for development of this multilingual and multiuse software. Some parts of each module of this software are ready for use and results are very promising. This software will be helpful to students, teachers, research scholars, publishers and print media journalists. By using this software, they can save more time and labour to retype the matter available in one convertible format.


The members of different faculties are involved in research at individual level in their area of specialization. Teachers undertake UGC Major and Minor research projects in their prioritized research areas and their expertise is available with the institution in such areas. Students in some departments conduct study projects which are mostly local need based researches and surveys. The faculty guides them in the completion of their research projects. The priority areas for research was successfully undertaken by the following faculty members under UGC Minor/ Major Research Projects:

S. No.

Name of Teacher


Name of Prioritized Research Area-
UGC Minor/Major Research Projects

1 Prof. Sandeep Chahal English A Study of Social Change and Gender Roles vis-à-vis Industrialization in the Selected novels of D.H. Lawrence
2 Dr. Namrata Nistandra English The Legacy of Non-Violence: Tolstoy, Gandhi, Coetzee
3 Dr. Surinder Sharma Commerce Factors Motivating and Inhibiting Women Entrepreneurs: A Study of Small Scale Enterprises in Punjab
4 Dr Naresh Malhotra Commerce Controlling Non-Performing Assets: A Study of Indian Banking Sector
5 Prof Suresh Kumar Economics Consolidation in Banking Industry Through Mergers and Acquisitions: Issues and Evidences, Post-Reform Scenario
6 Dr Avinash Chander English Language of Advertising: A Systemic Functional Analysis
7 Prof Sukhvinder Singh History Growth of Higher Education in the District of Jalandhar (1947-2011): A Case Study in Historical Perspective
8 Prof Garima Chodha Commerce Customer Satisfaction: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Life Insurance Sector in Punjab
9 Prof Surjeet Kaur Commerce Labour Welfare & Social Security Measures – A Study of Sugar Industry in Punjab.
10 Prof Sonia Kalra Commerce Impact of CRM on customer Loyalty – A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in Punjab
11 Prof. Vineet Mehta English The Environmental Concerns in the fiction of Amitav Ghosh
12 Dr. Rajiv Khosla Biotechnology Comparison of microbiological immunological and molecular tools for diagnosing pleural tuberculosis.
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